100% uptime is an absolute necessity for power utilities and water treatment plants, which is why a sight glass or visual flow indicator must be highly reliable.

Sight glasses and flow indicators are important components in utility applications such as waste water treatment, allowing operators to observe processes inside of pipes and vessels.

Flow indicators are mounted on a pipe and allows the operator of the waste water treatment plant to visually see flow between processes.

A Lumiglas® sight glass assembly installed on a tank lets operators view the material in the tank. A level indicator lets operators view the water level in a vessel.

Lumiglas® Sight glasses are often used on boilers in utility industries such as coal-fired power plants. For utility and other higher pressure, high temperature applications, Lumiglas® provides extreme strength, long service and a special formulation of borosilicate glass that is more resistant than ordinary glass to thermal shock and overpressure.

The Lumiglas® VISULEX camera system will allow for remote control from a central control room.

Other products used in utility industry applications include gauge glass, explosion proof lights (ex-lights) and non-ex lights.