For process observation equipment in the mining industry, Lumiglas® Luminaires are commonly used as these are light enabled sight glass. Sight glasses are mounted on material processing equipment in an explosion-proof zone that can be either underground or near the mine. Ex-lights – explosion proof lights help operators easily see materials, such as minerals, that are being processed.  Lumiglas provides an extensive array of explosion proof- rated LED, vibration-resistant lighting.

Lumiglas® Sight glasses also provide a window into explosion-proof control boxes that protect electronic equipment at the mine. Lumiglas® sight glass is a special formulation of borosilicate glass which is more resistant than ordinary glass to chemical corrosion and physical erosion typically associated with mining applications.

Lumiglas® VISULEX camera system provides control and remote monitoring of operations in explosion-hazardous and non-explosive environments in the mining industry. 

Lumiglas® easily handles the harsh demands of mining applications.