Milestones – The Papenmeier Timeline


1956 foundation as an engineering office

Company founder Friedrich Horst Papenmeier

Good licensing income as a result of an invention and the firm intention to realise new concepts in his own company are Friedrich Horst Papenmeier’s seed capital for the programme: Consulting in the field of applied electrical engineering.

1958 The first sight glass

The first sight glass 1958

1959 Division of Control Systems

Control Systems 1959
Der Firmengründer vor dem ersten Firmengebäude

1960 Grant of a patent “Lumiglas®-luminaire”

A specific luminaire with considerable technological and economical benefits provides the basis for „Lumiglas“ division.

Patent Lumiglas 1960

April 1965 Papenmeier employees

Papenmeier employees in April 1965

Summer 1965 new building on Hoerder Strasse

New building on Hoerder Strasse in Schwerte in the Summer of 1966
New building on Hoerder Strasse in Schwerte
New building on Hoerder Strasse in Schwerte - finish


First BRAILLEX 1975

BRAILLEX®, the development of a storage system for Braille and speech – a worldwide innovation – is concluded, thus establishing the basis for „Reha“ division.

1985 The next generation is moving in.

Guenther Papenmeier in the year 2015

* Guenther Papenmeier in the year 2015 on the occasion of being awarded with the silver badge of honour by the electrical trade company.

After years of successful activities in various industrial companies, Guenther Papenmeier, the company founder’s oldest son, takes care of tasks in the field of company management.

1991 Division number three

Foundation of „Electronics“ division with activities in the (Contract Electronics Manufacturer) CEM market.

1993 Change instead of stagnation

Armin Papenmeier 2013 at the Hannover trade fair

* Armin Papenmeier in the year 2013 at the Hannover trade fair.

As youngest son of the Papenmeier family, Armin Papenmeier joins the company.

Since 2011 – hightech made in Schwerte

Papenmeier at Medica 2014
Mit den beiden Produktgruppen Inklusionsarbeitsplatz und Prozessbeobachtung zeigt sich Papenmeier aktiv in der Prozesskette auf dem Landesgemeinschaftsstand NRW

Hannover trade fair, Medica – the leading trade fairs are a large stage for NRW innovations. The exhibition area comprises about 600 squaremetres. F.

H. Papenmeier GmbH & Co. KG presents itself next to other exhibitors including topics such as university, research, economy and health on the North Rhine-Westphalia Group Pavillon according to the motto: “Industry 4.0”. With the two product groups “Inclusive working place” and “Process observation”, Papenmeier plays an active role in the process chain.