Food and Beverage

Flow indicators and sight glasses provide the ability to observe and validate cleaning and draining in the food and beverage industry where industrial processing is required. Allowing operators to observe processes inside of vessels and pipes typically used in a brewery and cheese making equipment, fermentation tanks and processing vessels, pasteurization equipment, formulation equipment where observation, safety and sanitization is of the utmost priority. 

Sight glasses are also mounted on equipment such as large mixers. To illuminate the mixer vessel interior, LED sight glass lights may be used because they are resistant to vibration. Designed for the special concerns of food processing.

Lumiglas® products for the food and beverage industry include sight glass windows, sight flow indicators, in-line sight glasses, level indicators, stainless sanitary fittings, ex lights, non-ex lights and camera systems providing clear viewing in all applications. Optional wiper systems and heated rings provide clear viewing in applications with condensation, frost, or spray.

LED Luminaires for food & beverage sight glass applications