Visulex Camera System – Intrinsically safe

Visulex Camera Systems – an intrinsically safe remote observation camera system


The Visulex Camera System is ideal for inspection and remote observation of process operations, particularly in explosive environments and for monitoring objects that are not normally accessible.

The Visulex Camera System has 2 different types of cameras to suit either explosive environments with cameras that have been certified as explosion proof and non-ex cameras.

The Visulex Cameras are encased in a stainless steel housing, making them ideal for use in Lumiglas Sterile Technology – Process observation and visual control systems

Visulex Camera Systems for remote observation giving you greater safety and less down time.

Visulex Camera Systems gives continuous availability of visual process data in a central control room saving considerable costs, work and travel time.

Perfect CCTV for on-site inspections of critical production areas or external facilities. The Visulex Camera System meets remote observation requirements with optimum cost effectiveness.

Similar to the internationally renowned Lumiglas luminaires, the camera system can be attached to a sight glass fitting using a hinged bracket. If the standard illumination of the process is not sufficient, an additional Lumiglas luminaire can be attached if fitting allows.

An advanced system that is easy to operate

With Visulex Camera Systems, the visual process data is displayed for control and evaluation purposes and is also available for further image processing, this enables, for instance, the digital storage of the entire process sequence for trace-ability purposes. The Intrinsically Safe  Visulex Camera System with Lumiglas Luminaires provides ideal lighting conditions to illuminate the object to be observed.

  • simple installation and operation
  • transfer data via cable, wifi, web or 3G/LTE
  • option to store single images or video sequences
  • weather resistant
  • ideally suited for sterile conditions for laboratory bio processing
  • industrial applications
  • explosion proof (fully Ex certified)

For further details on the system control device and the data management software, please read the supplied information sheet (PDF).

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