Biotech and Pharmaceutical

Lumiglas® sight glass products for pharmaceutical and biotech processes where cleanliness, hygiene and efficient flow are critical.

Lumiglas® products for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry include stainless sanitary fittings, sight glasses, sight flow indicators, hygienic clamps, sight windows, ex lights and non-ex lights, camera systems.

Sight glasses and sight flow indicators are used widely in pharmaceutical and biotech applications and meet the special concerns of pharmaceutical processing.  This means that our products have passed test procedures and are fully certified with full material traceability. 

For applications on reactors, fermenters, mixers, WFI systems (water for injection systems), cryogenic vessels, tablet coaters, fluid bed dryers, centrifuges, and equipment for filtration, pilot systems, chromatography, and CIP/SIP skids and modules. Usually they are connected using stainless sanitary fittings.