Process Lighting and Visual Control Systems. Sight Glass for industrial process observation



Sight Glass lights, Explosion Proof (Ex) and Non-Explosion proof lights.



Remote observation of processes for better control and management

Ex – Camera Technology

Ex-camera’s are explosion proof for explosive areas. Ex-camera variants with zoom lens can also be operated by remote control from a control room in a non-ex area (non explosive zone). The observer can thus adjust the camera settings to meet specific requirements. Insight with far-sight: control and remote monitoring of operations in explosive-hazardous and non-explosive…

Explosion proof Lumistar Luminaire

Explosion proof Lumistar Luminaires are for illuminating the interior of normally closed vessels. Lumistar Luminaires illuminate the interior of tanks, hoppers, silos, agitators and other normally closed vessels and reactors as well as visual flow indicators in potentially explosive environments. Sight glass luminaires that are used in potentially explosive environments Ex-type sight glass luminaires are…

Papenmeier Lumiglas®

Lumiglas® Sight Glass, Luminaires and Visulex Camera Systems can be found in the Pharmaceutical, Oil Refining, Food & Beverage Industries, Mining, Water Treatment, Power Generation, Port Operations and more. For every industrial application there is a sight glass available to enable an unrestricted view during process observation. Glass is an amorphous, not crystalline solid matter, which behaves…


For process observation equipment in the mining industry, Lumiglas® Luminaires are commonly used as these are light enabled sight glass. Sight glasses are mounted on material processing equipment in an explosion-proof zone that can be either underground or near the mine. Ex-lights – explosion proof lights help operators easily see materials, such as minerals, that are being…


100% uptime is an absolute necessity for power utilities and water treatment plants, which is why a sight glass or visual flow indicator must be highly reliable. Sight glasses and flow indicators are important components in utility applications such as waste water treatment, allowing operators to observe processes inside of pipes and vessels. Flow indicators…

Oil and Gas

Sight glasses and sight flow indicators are used widely in corrosive applications such as oil and gas where control and remote monitoring of operations in explosion-hazardous and non-explosive environments is critical. Lumiglas® sight glasses can handle the higher temperatures and higher pressures of corrosive applications. For inspection and remote observation of process operations, particularly in a hazardous…

Food and Beverage

Flow indicators and sight glasses provide the ability to observe and validate cleaning and draining in the food and beverage industry where industrial processing is required. Allowing operators to observe processes inside of vessels and pipes typically used in a brewery and cheese making equipment, fermentation tanks and processing vessels, pasteurization equipment, formulation equipment where observation, safety…

Biotech and Pharmaceutical

Lumiglas® sight glass products for pharmaceutical and biotech processes where cleanliness, hygiene and efficient flow are critical. Sight glasses and sight flow indicators are used widely in pharmaceutical and biotech applications  and meet the special concerns of pharmaceutical processing.  This means that our products have passed test procedures and are fully certified with full material traceability. 

Chemical and Petrochemical

Process observation for chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical applications. Lumiglas® products used in chemical processing equipment include sight glass windows, sight flow indicators, level indicators, gauge glass, ex lights, non-ex lights and camera systems.